OJT Tree Services undertake all aspects of Woodland / Forestry Management including:

  • Consultancy service: Site visits and written reports to assess the health, safety and site conditions of woodland to improve longevity.
  • Confined space felling: we use specialist felling techniques in a forestry environment when there is valuable standing timber to avoid damage and or limit wildlife disturbance.
  • Forestry thinning: unlike crown thinning in tree surgery, this is a process where poor specimen trees or trees selected by a forestry manager are felled, extracted and utilised.
  • Low impact forestry: we limit site damage by utilising small machinery and careful considerate work practices.
  • Planting / Reforestation: Reforestation helps to rebuild habitats and degradation which are the leading threats to the health of a species and is a vital part in fighting global warming and climate change.
  • Ecologically friendly forestry management: we undertake regular reviews of woodland to ensure only vital work is undertaken to sustain future growth.
  • Farm and estate management: maintenance work as required such as grass cutting, scrub cutting, hedge maintenance, strimming, path and track maintenance.
  • Management Plans: we prepare fully comprehensive plans for estate woodlands including work programmes and budgets.